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Zia"s Children
Extremist Islamists dominate Pakistans political problems. Prior to 1970s Pakistan was considered a moderate state. After the Dictator Ziaul Haq institutionalized the Islamization process in the last 40 years the politically Pakistan has tilted away from moderate to an extremist state dominated by extremist Islamists known as reactionary fundamentalist Muslims (RFM). Madrassahs teach reactionary fundamentalist theology and serves as fodder for jihadi recruits guided by college educated Islamists...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: "Notwithstanding the targeting of Awami League functionaries and East Pakistan"s substantial Hindu minority, the mass murder was broadly indiscriminate"

Not at all.

First the Pakistani army killed everyone in the Jagannath Hall.... [3 comments]
"Hindustan Hamara" is National Song of Pak
Mohammad Iqbal and Communalism in modern India: Iqbals Hindustan is the Mughal India as Dar-Ul-Islam – We are Muslims and the whole world is our homeland. Iqbal was the greatest political thinker of the Muslims in British India. Although he was described as a Sufi, his doctrine went counter to the quietism and acceptance preached by traditional Sufism. Iqbals philosophy was a rather militant doctrine of action, of fight to achieve an ideal placed before man, and this ideal was of that of a primi...
D Basu S.Ghosh: Suhail Ahmad Banglori:

"In Allama Iqbal"s time, Hindu fanaticism was so great that they considered Muslims as low and impure. To associate with them, to eat and drink together was out of the question."

This is not true.

My.... [7 comments]
Will Indians ever understand meaning of IQ?
Let me explore this contentious issue of IQ that preoccupies Indian minds, particularly the Andhra folks. David Brooks, one of our renowned public intellectuals (new book out: “The Social Animal” published by Random House) had conjectured on what IQ really means and how it does not impact our lives in the long run. In his book he focuses on Sciences growing acceptance that it is impossible to study the person and the brain in isolation. Brains are embedded in bodies, and people are embedded in s...
Raju P S.Ghosh: IQ is a wrong measure.

It is not possible to predict how a person will grow up by looking at his IQ when he was a child.

If you ask an American to come to India and sit for the General Knowledge exam in the IAS, he will defintely f.... [1 comments]
Making Sense out of Crisis in Arab countries
Suddenly the Arab world is in turmoil. The reason and the agitators are different in different places but a pattern is emerging. In Tunisia, Egypt, Oman, Yemen, the crowd wants reforms but not revolt. Most of them went home after achieving their initial victory when the existing dictators of Tunisia and Egypt departed to be replaced by new dictators but the systems stay as these are. Thus, the so-called revolution in those Arab countries looks like side shows to the impending disaster that is ab...
D Basu S.Ghosh: Timothy Bancroft wrote today in Pravda that

"What has happened is that the USA has used mercenaries to sow chaos and then blame the Libyan authorities - a reason why one of the main leaders of the insurrection in Cyrenaica, Khaled Maassou, .... [5 comments]
Creation of a Super nation
Many of us liberally toss around the title “superpower” for countries like China and India. This warrants a couple of questions: Is a superpower defined by the means to an end or the end itself? Does a superpower sustain off of its renewable intellectual capital or is it the end product of its armed forces? In fact, no matter where you are or where you come from, America becomes the default topic of discussion on issues ranging from politics, war, environment, immigration, terrorism and middle-e...
Raju P Add Comment
What a Wild start for year 2011 - What is next?
Did anyone imagine that start of the year 2011 would be a wild one? Riots and revolutions have broken out in the Middle East, oil prices have already soared to $105. Libyas Kaddafi is fighting a loosing war. USS Enterprise and other major warships are on their way to Libya. USA and its western allies are planning a no-fly zone over Libya. (Lets be clear, imposing a no-fly zone over a country constitutes a major military operation. US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates recently admitted that enforci...
M Joshi Add Comment
Why are Hindus Addicted to their Abusers?
Let me put this conundrum in a metaphorical manner to mitigate the sting. The Hindus are the only religious group in the world that had been passed on from one “bed” to the another, as if the collective represented an aphoristic courtesan passed from harem to harem. The first invaders came in Armour, then in the 21st century they came in as married. Cant figure it out eh? Since the beginning of the 10th century AD, the Hindus have been a wet dream for most invaders from the north east. First the...
Raju P Dr. K.K. Bonia, Guwh: As Hindu"s having glorious civilization background with with a great economic potentiality; it does not mean that Hindus are any way addicted to any abuser he/she may be of any status. No one should underestimate Hindus- means People of BHARAT( India.... [7 comments]
Mechanism of Positive Thinking
The positive thinking is a DIY (Do-It-yourself) project unless the established educational infrastructure is reformed to incorporate or supplement the objectives oriented studies. Training is required for developing positive thinking mindset based on everyday direct experiences. Mind engaged in scattered thinking is inattentive to positive thinking.Psychology teaches that positive thinking requires adjustments to attitude and behavior patterns. Psychologist and psychiatrists are trained to treat...
K Bhatia Add Comment
Arab revolutions: Days of rage, dawn of...
Although pundits are offering education, inflation, corruption and unemployment as arguments to explain the revolutions that have engulfed several Arab nations, most do not address influence of social networking on the Mullah Shahi driving Pakistan and many Gulf of Arabia and Red Sea Arab nations.America is a bit player in on-going upheaval except in Pakistan. In last 70 years America and its coalition partners defeated fascist axis of Germany, Japan and Italy. Then in bed with Muslim extremists...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: These are the sideshows for the main event of the day: Invasion and occupation of the oil fields of Libya( Iraq is already occupied) by the Anglo-Americans.

West in denial, Islam means submission
Show me one Islamic ruler, through the centuries, that had been revered as a humanitarian or was loved by people outside of Islam. Their faith mostly breeds men with hardly any faculty for compunction, contrition, compassion, tolerance and erudition. And those who somehow attain erudition and intellectual inquiry with veracity, become the enemies of the state and its leadership, and are persecuted and pursued under Fatwas. Have they woken up to the fact that the Hindus, Christians, Jews and Budd...
Raju P S.Ghosh: The analysis is wrong because it is quoting only the Anglo-American opinion about the Arabs.
The author must remember that the Anglo-Americans are racists; they hate us because we are not White.
They have killed millions in India, in North Am.... [2 comments]
The Warrior Child of Ayodhya - Part III
Is it time for his prophetic vision to come to fruition? Is this the deeper significance of the entire Ayodhya controversy insofar as the same communal divide appears to affect both circumstances? Or, as Ramlalas Solstice appearance seems to indicate, is a resolution to be sought elsewhere for this matter of such great importance, in an as yet undetected area not apparent to the uninitiated? This recondite dimension would require implementation of the key Ramlala offers: the correct ayanamsha an...
Patrizia N abdul: Hello ladies/gentlemen
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I am ready to buy one kidney at cost price of $250,000usd.
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Egypt in America?...Oh Really?
Egypt in America? That is what one title in Drudge Report said today. Oh really? Did you not know it was coming? Do people even know what is the future going to be like? There are hundreds of people protesting in Wisconsin…But wait, is it not too early for these things to happen in USA? It hasnt even started yet. Let me repeat a statement from one of my old blogs “Keep eye on unfolding storm in Europe in coming years, multiply it with 10 times to know what is coming at America….There would be a...
M Joshi Add Comment
America bound to fall, but we don"t have to...
Financial Katrina is coming. Many societies have collapsed in the past. Few saw it coming. Fewer still were prepared for that ugly day when the collapse happened. Our world is on the verge of being shaken up, and most of the people are in denial about how serious the consequences can be. There is no longer a question of IF it will happen but only WHEN and HOW...and the world lives in blissful ignorance of this.There have been many years of conventional wisdom that the US Debt and the US dollar d...
M Joshi Add Comment
Ayodhya, Caste & the Cosmic Order: Part II
Daily we are told in the media India has moved on – that is, Ayodhya is no longer of any interest to young India born after 1992 (the Demolition). This youth wants opportunities, education, jobs, material well being. In other words, an even more self-centred life than what the disease of corruption has provided. Of course the State must provide material well being through various areas of development, but that must not be mistaken for food for the soul, individual or collective. In our legitimat...
Patrizia N Add Comment
The Warrior-Child of Ayodhya - Part I
The long-awaited judgment of the Allahabad High Court at Lucknow has come, a landmark in the history of modern India.Just the fact that a judgment was passed after 60 years was in itself commendable given the sensitive nature of the issue and the accretions this case has experienced during the interim. It is a process that spans all the founding years of the new Indian Republic, having begun just one month after the signing of the Constitution. Therefore, we may state that Ram the Child witnesse...
Patrizia N Mo: >>common sense on Friday : Gods need no protection! They would be mortals if they were in need of protection!

True, but "hindu" did not mean in this way.
Our King Lord Ram doesn"t need any protection.

However Indian history and.... [3 comments]

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