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Bush Doctrine a Must For Every Democracy!
A conversation in America on May 2nd evening: American-Indian to her Muslim neighbor “What do you think about this Bin Laden mission?” Muslim friends response “I think it was horrible, first they invaded a sovreign nation violating their territory…then they didnt give him proper Muslim burial…there should be an investigation about this…how can the government get away with this!” Apparently a “little” fact had been lost on our friend here, Bin Laden was responsible for almost 3000 American deaths...
Raju P S.Ghosh: The author is either an ignorant naive or a slavish American Indian.

Who has created Al-Queada, Taliban, Muzzahadins??
Jimmy Carter, Reagan, Clinton.

Why in Libya now NATO, Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy are openly supporting Has.... [1 comments]
OBL in death offers chance for new beginning
It took a few more minutes to understand why the first decade of 21st century has been a loose-loose proposition for all concerned as a result of the Islamabad policies implemented by the BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishment over last 40 years....
K Bhatia Add Comment
Modi Godhra Gujarat and IBN-Live
On April 26 IBN-Live posted on its website, a report titled, “SIT disregards Bhatts statement against Modi” written by its staffers Ashok Bagriya and Meghdoot Sharoon. There is an accompanying video which has an interview Karan Thapar had with K. S. Subramanium, who according to the report was, part of a citizens (sic) tribunal inquiring into Gujarat riots.Now, it does not require the intelligence of an Einstein to understand which side the citizens tribunal is on, for the main stream media to t...
UN Das g kapuria: CNN-IBN has the money and the Padma shris. Why should they care for truth? [1 comments]
Anna Hazare & Indians Against Corruption
EPIC BATTLE AT JANTAR MANTAR Anna Hazares hunger strike, reminiscent of Mahatma Gandhis mass Satyagrahas, has truly awakened the citizenry of this country. A moribund citizenry has at last come alive to fight corruption and venality in public life. The groundswell of public anger against corruption that fueled the movement ensured Hazares self-less Satyagraha has not gone in vain. At first the ruling dispensation tried to deflect the issue hoping public attention would move on to other issues. T...
UN Das S.Ghosh: Hazare-campaign is related to only a fraction of corruption, but it should be welcomed as the first step.
At present law cannot touch president, Prime Ministers, judges, Governors, State Ministers and central Ministers even their secretaries (IAS.... [6 comments]
India: Anti-corruption Drive by Shanti Bhushan
Shanti Bhushan was born in the home of an eminent Public Prosecutor of the British Raj. Little did anyone imagine that one day this man would shake the corrupt foundations of independent India from its very roots. Shanti Bhushan became a lawyer much against the wishes of his father, and eventually went on to become the Law Minister of India. Shanti Bhushans son Prashant Bhushan, who left IIT Madras and Princeton to pursue law from Allahabad University, chose the most un-travelled path for an emi...
V Vij Suraj Parkash Tuteja: The law and constitution must be amended to refuse recognition to small and fragmented parties as National Parties. Any party not in majority in at least 3 States, obtaining less than 20 LS seats must be denied status All such parties ~ without exc.... [13 comments]
India: 3rd Most Powerful or 3rd Rate Nation?
While Melinda Gates walks in her Kholapur chappals in rural towns of India, sitting down on dhurries eating with and talking to the locals, addressing infant mortality rates and administering vaccine, this Ambani character waltzes around the world in his Zegna suits looking for cars to fill his garage. Mind you, Mukesh Ambani is the second generation, inherited his wealth, and this brings me to another question, why is that second generation wealthy, who had never worked one honest day, be such...
Raju P S.Ghosh: Ever since the Government of Rajib Gandhi had started privatising the properties of the people we have these new Rich Indians, Anil Agarwala, Ambanis, Laxmi Mittal, along with old Rich like Tata, politicians of both BJP and Congress, robbbing the peo.... [3 comments]
Inquiry into Intolerant Faiths is must
Please allow me to preface this article by stating that what I write here is not just an opinion based on other secondary opinions, but based on my direct experience with Muslims during my life in India, the U.S. and visits to Africa. In the course of the last decade, I have been subjected to their reductionism, that Muslims have been known for, towards non-Muslims, by seemingly the most moderate of Muslims, nurtured in north Africa and Europe. I have suffered their bigotry, Intolerance, discrim...
Raju P S.Ghosh: What is the point of having any enquiry?

Let the Muslims live in their territory and do not allow them to come to India. All Muslims should go and live in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They should not stay in India, as they have partitioned India.... [1 comments]
Arab Revolutions vs South Asia Muslims
Arguably, the greatest defect of Islam and one reason Muslims fell behind the West is the treatment of women. Repressive homes pave the way for repressive governments. A child growing up in a Muslim household where the mother has no rights, where she is downtrodden and subservient learns the preparation for a life of despotism and subservience. It prepares the way for an authoritarian society....
K Bhatia Add Comment
Why have Statues on Tank Bund - Hyd?
It is fairly accurate to say that Indian politicians cherish a veritable passion for erection of statues anywhere and everywhere. This became apparent to me in my recent visit to Andhrapradesh and Rajasthan in January of this year. As I toured Rajasthan, I saw many village four-corners spruced up with statues of prominent personalities. It beats me why these places that are subject to heavy vehicular traffic were chosen to honor their illustrious dead? Could it be to take them up to even greate...
Gopal A Dr Donald: We are urgently in need of kidney donor in a very good health condition for the sum of $470,000,00 and we will take properly care of the donor doling the whole process, here you can contact us via email address ahospital661@gmail.com or phone number~.... [1 comments]
Congratulations! You lost 50% money in 1 Yr
Unfortunately, the middle class morons all over the world (me included) have lost solid 50% of their “Bank” money in flat ONE YEAR. They lost 50%, in just one year, of what it took them years to build. The “real value” (which I call “wealth” not “money”) of their “Bank” money now stands at half of what they had a year back. Congratulations on your phenomenal success in letting your wealth destroyed by the Central banks around the world!!!...
M Joshi common sense: Thank God, it is only 50% and not 100%! BTW, easy come, easy go! Another saying that comes to mind is nothing ventured, nothing gained! [1 comments]
Being a nice Hindu will not save religion
Islamic radicals use viral media for their hateful propaganda…why are more people converting to this seemingly hateful faith? Why are people not converting in droves to Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism that deeply spiritual faiths devoid of violence, with tolerance, flexibility and ancient wisdom? The answer lies in “brand mythology” they, the Muslims and Christians promote, proselytize, promote, propagandize and promote relentlessly, 24/7, and people buy what is sold. On the other hand they also l...
Raju P S.Ghosh: "How about settling Bangladeshi Hindus in the border districts of WB"

No chance at all. During the last General Election of India, 2 Lakhs of Hindu names in West Bengal were erased out by the Election Commissioner who came from New Delhi; ab.... [15 comments]
9.0 Japan quake Supermoon #9 & RigVeda
Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet has found this golden thread in the Hindu lore of Vishnu the Preserver, who travels across the cosmos and through the ocean of time, incarnating in the fixed or preservation ages of the Precession of the Equinoxes – Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio – in a line of Avatars (Dasavataras) [see Secrets of the Earth by PNB]. But due to their own veils of ignorance, the majority of Hindus and Indians throughout the world are not even aware that the figures of the zodiac are f...
Lori Tom.. Add Comment
China Pakistan and Defending India
The overall news about India is encouraging as it continues with annual GDP rates of 8% to 9% on a trajectory to double digit annual economic growth. Economic growth is helping government generate revenues to substantially increase its defense build-up. Indian imports, according to Irfan Husain, accounted for 9% share of international arms sales for 2006 – 10. India is the largest importer and America the largest exporter of arms. The data for 2009 on the top 10 military spenders by SIPRI, (the ...
K Bhatia S.Ghosh: China has already occupied the whole of India.

When you can see traders in Bangalore selling Chinese cloths, batteries, toys, even Benares silk sarees Made in China, what is left of India??

Conversion Congress & Bloody Indians
Recently, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured a Christian delegation that he was trying to evolve a consensus on granting Scheduled Caste status to Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims. This is interesting since just a few days ago; the Gujarat High Court has rejected a plea filed by a converted Christian seeking access to benefits extended to him earlier as a Scheduled Caste Hindu.In addition the Prime Minister reportedly promised “to act on the Saldanha report on violence against minorities in...
Arindam B S.Ghosh: Caste system should be abolished by law.
All reservations and quotas must be based on poverty.

The biggest enemy of the Dalit was BR Ambedkar, who made the caste system permanent.

The Precept of Ahimsa is Harmful for Hindus
Only the strength of solidarity and force, and the conviction to use it, can sustain HinduismJust like Saudi Arabia and Italy are the places for Muslims and Catholics, India is the place of Hindus. That is where the similarity ends. The prior two countries do not sport fifteen percent of their population, with alien religions, not even two percent. India on the other hand has a Muslim population that is bigger than that of Pakistan, who are in solidarity with Islam and Pakistan, and not Hindusta...
Raju P g kapuria: SG.. I am not interested in a shouting match with you. If you have evidence contrary to what I have said, say it. We have discussed these subjects before. [19 comments]

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