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Global Powers: America China and India
India may substantially narrow the gap with China in about two decades. Labor force of India in 2010 was about 58% of China. Since population of India and China are comparable and China is expected to experience a demographic decline in next few decades, India can narrow the economic gap by accelerating its economic growth rate. It will have to increase its labor force and improve productivity comparable to that of China by adding more skilled and highly skilled workers to its manufacturing and ...
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History of Imperial Bigotry: Chiritianity Islam...
More often than not, otherwise reasonable commentary by Muslim scholars is concluded with incendiary comments; a recent example is about womens status in ancient lands. Such comments, in my opinion, in addition to bigotry are based on ignorance of ancient cultures (see references) or may be a result of using imperialist revisionist history. What would it take for such scholars to show mutual respect to ancient faiths and their social, cultural and political values?By todays social/cultural valu...
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Yemen crisis: An analysis
It has been several months for the on-going Yemen crisis with no solution to be seen around yet. With the Libyan crisis being in the fore-front in the media, be it in newspapers, television the issue of Yemen crisis has not been highlighted as similar to the Libyan crisis. If one has to find out the main reason for the out-break of the revolution it can be traced back to the year 2009 when the United States which led war against terrorism entered a new phase when it launched Cruise missiles alon...
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Come down from your ivory towers
The U.S. economy added a paltry 18,000 jobs in June, and the unemployment rate climbed back up to 9.2 percent from 9.1 percent as laid off government workers continued to join the ranks of the unemployed. All the experts predicting strong job growth were proved terribly wrong…once again. …Why am I not surprised? But I am surprised and amused for sure to see all the talking heads (those economists and experts that keep telling us that the economy is getting better) were shocked after the release...
M Joshi S.Ghosh: USA is a Imperialistic country. At the time of its birth it was possibly one fifth of what it is today. Even at the time of the civil war it was only one fourth of what it is today. It had expanded by killing the Red Indians and taking over their lan.... [2 comments]
Transcendence Fueled Positive Thinking
PDM and similar methods are classified as automatic self-transcending methods because effortlessly thinking the mantra repetitively takes meditator beyond the mantra and into another state of consciousness. Unlike other meditation methods transcendence inducing methods have a global effect on brain. The characteristic alpha and beta waves associated with increased neutrons in emotional areas are seen in many parts of brain, though primarily in the frontal areas during and after the secessi...
K Bhatia 030201kishankb: In rSrno # 4, please read tongue for tonug. My bad spelling. [5 comments]
Congress"s own "Gott Strafe India"
The media have not yet got around to denouncing UPA, but that will come soon, no doubt, since the bonafide Citizens are already bringing out billingsgate attack on Congress ,UPA and the Delhi Sarkar, in their emails, blogs, & tweets, for Truncating the Yoga Guru Baba Ramdevs anti-corruption movement.The precariously perched UPA, lead by a factious congress party, and the loathsome attack on Baba Ramdev was reminiscent of pre 1947 independence resistance against the imperial British....
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Pakistan Economy and Wars
Pakistan is afflicted with psychology of dangerous illusions related to fear and image and also of delusion for extraterritorial expansions associated with its strategic depth driven foreign policy. It is responsible for the jihad, the Koranic Concepts of Wars in South Asia, Afghanistan, the US and Europe over past three decades, mostly with aids from the US, Arabs and China.The ruling BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishment works very hard to project an image of...
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The draconian - "Communal Violence Bill"
Communal violence Bill is one of the long pending bills which have not been yet presented and approved in the Parliament.The Bill was drafted originally in the year 2005 after the 2004 elections when United Progressive Alliance came into power in view of the Gujarat carnage in 2002. After coming into power the UPA government in its manifesto stated that a Bill would be brought up in the Parliament to see that another incident like Gujarat carnage would be prevented....
Rajani A hindu: only secularism made them prominent
it seems xtians and muslims have access to good education whilst the hindus are relegated to the bottom.
hindu lawyers and law makers are gutless [8 comments]
UPA"s NAC Rule - Dictatorship in disguise?
As is clear from its many reviews, the Communal Violence Bill (PCTVB), drafted by the NAC is totally one-sided and dangerous in the extreme if ever it becomes an act. Under one of its far-reaching clauses, for example, if a Hindu male sexually assaults a woman of the minority community it is rape. But if a male member of a minority community sexually assaults a woman of the Hindu community is not rape! A small – even informal – formation of Hindus is an association whereas a group could only be...
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Challenges before Mamata Banerjee
The 2011 assembly polls gave a very different picture to us. The results of two states were quite surprising but the most surprising and interesting result is that of the poll results in West Bengal. Trinamool Congress chief came into the limelight with the defeat of the Left Front. This defeat for the Left Front is one of the worst defeat. But it is also not a smooth road for the Mamata government. Her government when it comes to power has to face a lot of challenges. How will she handle these ...
Rajani A S.Ghosh: Even Gandhi-Nehru were anti-Bengali, although West Bengal had Congress Government Since 1947 to 1966, it could not escape discriminations against the Bengalees:
1) The whole of the Mymansingh district was given away to Pakistan, although only 50 .... [5 comments]
Corrupt India: The Lokpal Bill
The 2011 Indian anti-corruption movement is the result of the various protests for the Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen Ombudsman Bill) which emerged all over India especially after April 5th 2011.The basic agenda of these protestors was that the Government of India should draft a strong anti-graft Lokpal bill which follows the originally drafted bill and not the changes the government plans to bring in, which will make the Lokayukta just another advisory body with no actual power in the vast Indian bur...
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Binayak Sen: Connecting Secular Dots
Fans of Dr. Binayak Sen, a Maoist sympathizer, convicted with life imprisonment for charges of sedition and anti-national activities, by trial court and whose initial bail appeal was rejected by Chhattisgarh high court, have ample reasons for jubilation in recent times. Not only did the Supreme Court grant him a bail but he was also appointed to the National Health Planning Commissions steering committee.It is no secret that Dr Sen enjoys a huge popularity and has a long list of national and int...
Arindam B Preet: Where this great wrighter Mr.Bandopadhyay has gone???? we are eagerly waiting for ur articles on it [31 comments]
Communal bill reduces Hindus to Jews in...
If the objective of the bill is to protect the religious minorities, from whom does it seek to protect them? The definition of association in Clause 3 (b) is scary and makes you and I shudder to think when the policeman knocks. You dont have to be an enlisted member of any association whether or not registered or incorporated under any law. For if the association need not be legally constituted to be accused of an offence, where is the question of enlisted membership? If you are ipso facto a mem...
UN Das S.Ghosh: Western media is anti-Indian, anti0Hindu, but it is a fact that USA, France, former Soviet Union and East European countries before 1990, Japan are all Secular and they are developed.

Countries with official religions ( Non-Secular countries.... [24 comments]
India: Follow Israel"s Example!
The message is clear: If you are a non-Muslim nation, and if you are weak, they will come after you in many ways, like they do in India. More importantly, it seems that Muslims can only understand the language of force and brutality, as compromise, diplomacy and reasoning are deemed as weaknesses in their society. The Israelis understand this perfectly.The 67 war has given the Israelis 40 plus years of relative peace, with a few skirmishes here and there, but with buffer territories that are bei...
Raju P Malavika: @ S.Ghosh,

Your rants mean nothing.

Provide evidence of Isreal NOT supporting India during Kargil war or 1962 or in between. Or acting against Indian interests. Compare that with how Indians, especially Hindus are treated by your b.... [18 comments]
Pakistan Sovereignty and Victimhood
Recent article “Pakistan, Victim of Terrorism?” in WSJ by Mr. Sadanand Dhume has rebutted Pakistani media and BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishments contentions that Pakistan is a victim of terrorism. The first Afghan war (1979 – 89) against Soviets was sponsored by the US, Saudi Arabia, and other Arab nations. Mr. Dhume acknowledged that it turned Pakistan in to a magnet for would-be jihadist from across the globe. Many innocent Pakistanis have lost lives over...
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