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Gujarat riots & "secular" Galahads of justice! UN Das g kapuria: Well written. But it also needs to be more direct. If the goal is to point fingers are the secularists, do point fingers. Name those secularists, and write about their misdeeds, and analyze their bias. Then it will be effective. [1 comments]
Whither Pakistan?
Pakistans ruling BACWAS (bureaucrats, army, clerics, warlords and scholars) establishment so far has failed to appreciate that future of Pakistan as that of any other nation lies in modernization. Lacking inclination for scientific education Pakistani masses has a long way to go to generate wealth needed for self-reliant sustainable growth. Pakistani youth like their counter parts in Arab nations may imitate youth engaged in the Arab Springs uprising. Muslim youth know, thanks to internet connec...
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Hanging on the cliff - EURO-DEBT-GOLD
But for a change let me start on a lighter note: read this story of “Porn Bunker for the Apocalypse“….They havent decided if they should charge or not for the spot in the Porn Bunker because, “we anticipate that money might not have a whole lot of value in the post-Apocalyptic world,”…..Theres also going to be a “private fertility chamber” because, hey, someones got to continue the human race, right?! A Porn Bunker for the Apocalypse...
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American Wars: Remembering Victims of 911
Over more than 1,500 years the modus operandi of imperialism in the Christians dominated West has evolved but not in the lands where Islam has spread through extraterritorial expansions. Before Industrial Revolutions both Roman Catholics and Caliphate brand imperialisms in occupied lands were coupled with proselytization. After the industrial revolution, Europeans occupied Americas and Australia, eliminated its Indian and aboriginal populations and inhabited it to spread European settlers.In oth...
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Enemies of State or Gandhians with guns
By a strange twist of irony, as a review Hello, Bastar, Rahul Panditas untold story of Indias Maosist movement was being written, television channels across the country were celebrating Anna Hazares Gandhian victory over the might of the Indian state. It is difficult to comment whether the phrase Gandhians with Guns was coined with extreme cynicism, or extreme irreverence (to the original Satyägrahi) or extreme facetiousness. Be that as it may, it has become a paradigm – not so much to describe ...
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USA....You haven"t seen anything yet
Tick..Tick..Tick…The Debt bomb is ticking. Over the last few decades a gigantic debt bubble fueled tremendous amount of “fake prosperity” in the western world. Now the “prosperity” is almost gone and the Debt bomb has started ticking. The Debt crisis has not even started yet (in terms of the total amount of middle class savings/wealth destruction). This crisis can only be ended by a massive upside revaluation of Gold. Gold and Silver have a lot more to rise in the future (as always, I wish I am ...
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Heritage and Awakening
Europeans and Arabs are proud of their faiths, heritage and culture. So are Jews, Hindus, and Zoroastrians to name a few more. Unlike other faiths, Muslim and Christian clerics proselytize to compete globally trying to convert all of other faiths. For establishing homogeneous religious faith in multiethnic imperial states Europeans and Arabs have proselytized for more than 1,500 years.In my previous blog, “Proselytizing and Political Ideology: Truth vs Revisionist History,” I contended that poli...
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Chanakya Chant: Intelligent mans guide to...
Had Chanakya been a Western philosopher (like Plato or Aristotle), history probably would have treated him with much more respect. His Arthasastra is easily the Earths first treatise on statecraft, which dealt with economy and governance, foreign policy and war strategy. Indian history, written first by the aliens and then by the left-liberal crowd, with its obsession with a nebulous composite culture, has not done justice to the great political-philosopher. Westerners, in their ineffable arroga...
UN Das Ruy Lopez: Truly such writings should be taught in schools and college in literature and political science classes to develop to think outside the box. In place of JNU and other worthless institutions, organizations bearing Chankya should be built to link India.... [1 comments]
Anna Hazare"s Lokpal: Puppet on string?
Like most Indians, I have been following the anti-corruption movement that has taken center stage in India over the past few months. Anna Hazare and his Friends have been staging protests seeking a tough anti-corruption law. I must confess that the attention that this movement has commanded is indeed remarkable – I would say too remarkable for comfort to be a spontaneous venting we are used to seeing all these years in India. The speed and professionalism with which Anna Fast I and Anna Fast II...
N Padma.. abdul: Hello ladies/gentlemen
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Proselytizing and Political Ideologies
Preaching revisionist history by self appointed guardians of Islam, proselytizers and intellectual clerics is a norm. The history based on half-truth has confused devout Muslims. Islamization initiated by Dictator Zia ul Haq and going on since 1970s has confused and engulfed most if not all rural and urban Pakistanis. It may even suit political ideologues to claim superiority of Islam. It may also be inducing false pride in semi-educated and ignorant of historical truths.Historically, before his...
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Somalia Famine: Terrible plight
The problem is not just assessing the size of the current crisis, which is sure to grow but it is also the fact that the droughts in this region have become an almost annual occurrence. Should everyone shrug their shoulders and put serial drought down to climate change? No, one should make these areas developed. Even though Somalia is shattered by decades of intervention and insurgency and controlled by the militant Islamist Al-Shabab that it has lifted its ban on getting food aid from UN agenci...
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Formula for Successful Developed Nation
The blog presents a formula of five pillars for nation building using education reforms. The formula is outlined after the introduction of two educational models and some ideas for building a lesson plan for the positive thinking.The two models emphasize continuous updating of the content in discussions with a team of teachers. As an example of potentially relevant content, the suggested reading section lists an article by Dr. Bhamy Shenoy. It advocates use of Gandh...
K Bhatia mo: no [1 comments]
American Politics & Great Credit Contraction
American under Obama administration is politically dysfunctional. Republicans in general and Tea Party extremists in particular are totally opposed to the Obama healthcare reforms. They are, as per their ideology, also against the workers rights to unionize. In more than a dozen Republican governed states politicians are enacting legislations to retract workers rights laws to bust unions. For a brief overview of political ideologies to carve out vote-banks, etc by Republican and Democrats, see,...
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Why London is burning?
The first great WAR of the 21st century has begun. Gerald Celente of Trends Journal (who has predicted several events in the past) says, United States, France, Libiya and UK have let the world into the first great war of 21st century… It is unfolding before our eyes….people better standup and take actions…your lives are on the line…...
M Joshi S.Ghosh: It has too many ( about 10 percent of the population) Afro-Carribean ( Jamaica, Barbados etc) people; they are very violent by nature.
First time in the USA History...
U.S. credit rating downgraded for first time in history. The United States lost its top-notch AAA credit rating from Standard & Poors on Friday, in a dramatic reversal of fortune for the worlds largest economy.I am yawning! Why So Late? This should have happened 10 years back while US has been printing unlimited amount of money for last 30 years. In my view, the world, in general, is always very late…at least by 10 years!The truth is the Emperor has no cloths. Nothing much has changed with this ...
M Joshi M Joshi: To 030201kishankb on Monday:

Not a problem..Thanks. [6 comments]

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